Welcome to the University of Alaska, Fairbanks (UAF) North Slope of Alaska (NSA) ARM Climate Research Facility (ACRF) operations page.

This page is primarily intended for instrument mentors, the NSA Operations (OPS) team, Site Science Team (SST) members, and other people connected to NSA ACRF.

If you are new to ARM in general, we suggest you start from the ARM website. For more general information about the activities at the NSA ACRF, you can read this presentation or go to the official ARM NSA website.

From these pages one can monitor parts of the data acquisition process and access daily data visualizations from the different instruments.

These data visualizations are produced in near real time automatically and are called
QuickLooks (QLs). The QuickLooks contain unofficial data of unknown quality.

Once data is released one can obtain the full dataset from any instrument available along with a statement about the data quality from the ARM archive.

Corrective Maintenance Reports (CMR) QuickLook Browsing and System Status
NSA/ACRF UAF Systems Operations NEWS:

  • [09/07/13]: Complete hardware upgrade
    Nanuna has been transferred to brand-new server grade hardware: Xeon processor (Haswell), 32 GB of ECC memory, high-quality hot-swappable hard drives, redundant power supplies, etc. It is expected that the current hardware will last for a minimum of 4 years. While we were at it we also updated to the latest version of Debian 7, codenamed "wheezy."

  • [12/22/11]: Another system upgrade
    After 359 (!) days of uptime it was time for a software refresh and a reboot. Nanuna is now upgraded to Debian 6 "squeeze."

  • [10/05/10]: System upgrade and backups
    We replaced the aging power supply and UPS on nanuna, and also replaced the external backup disk with a redundant array. In addition we now have offline (tape) backup, thanks to the IARC sysadmins (we will sleep much better now). While at it we added some more memory, so the only bottlenecks are network links to the north slope and lower 48.

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