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In documents related to the design or specification of the CM reporting application, we use the following definitions:

Site Master
The central instance of the CM Reporting tool (including database backend), typically used by a single ARM Site (though see XXX for exceptions). Example: The web application installed on the NSA nanuna server and accessible via is the Site Master for the NSA CM Reporting System.
Local Instance
In addition to a Site Master, a database-backed, web-accessible secondary instance of the CM Reporting tool. Requires synchronization with a Site Master, to which the Local Instance is associated. The connectivity may be restricted by firewall rules. Can be used to read and submit CM reports. Synchronization is by default assumed to be bidirectional.
Offline Standalone
An instance of a CM Reporting tool that is installed locally on a computer that may or may not be web-connected. Presumes no pre-defined synchronization with the Site Master it is associated with. Allows collecting CM reports, for example in the field using a laptop, which are loaded into the Site Master once the work is complete.
Install or Per-Site CM Reporting System
The totality of the Site Master and any Local Instances and Offline Standalones used typically by an ARM Site or a single ARM team possibly for multiple sites, but not the entire ARM install base.
CMRDB or CM Report Database
In a specialized sense, “report(ing) database” refers here to the term from database application design, that is, an application that is primarily used to generate reports from a database. For this reason, we will use “CMRDB” in this document to refer exclusively to an ARM-wide system integrating multiple Per-Site CM Reporting tools. Note the distinctions between “CM Report Database” (=a database, possibly with a front-end, used by ARM to produce reports on and aggregate, across ARM Sites, corrective maintenance report records) and “CM Reporting tool” or “application” (= a piece of software used by an ARM Site Operations team to report on corrective maintenance activity).

Terms from this list of definitions are spelled in uppercase letters.

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