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NOTE: In OSS and for the ARM Data Management Facility, all ECOR systems have been assigned facility and location codes on their own. This ECOR at Point Barrow is listed under E10 Barrow.

This ECOR system was installed next to the MET Tower, 26-30 September 2011. The LI-7700 methane sensor was then sent back to LI-COR for calibration over the winter. Operational use started in late May 2012.

Strictly speaking, it is an ECOR/SEBS system. "SEBS" refers to the radiometer suite that is installed on the same tower and reports through the same data communications interfaces, so we tend to treat it as a single system.

Icon_pdf.png PM Procedures as sent by David Cook Jan 2013


Data Quality Guidance

General note from from the ECOR Data Quality Assessment reports:

"Small periods of missing or spiky data are common during periods of calm winds and high relative humidity (or precipitation) and will not be mentioned unless a specific problem is indicated or if the data is especially erratic. In addition, spiky data as a result of interpolation will not be mentioned below. Finally, most if not all variables tend to go missing when the instrument is covered by frost, ice or snow. Temperatures below about -20C or below have been known to lead to missing data, as well."




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