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nanuna is capable of both sending and receiving mail, and works with your favorite e-mail client that supports IMAP or POP.

Secure webmail is also available at

Mailing lists

The following mailing lists are currently set-up:

# the qc lists
uaf-qc: :include:/var/nsa/mail_aliases/uaf-qc
uaf-ops: :include:/var/nsa/mail_aliases/nsaopslist
nsa-ops: :include:/var/nsa/mail_aliases/nsaopslist
weekly: :include:/var/nsa/mail_aliases/weeklynsareports
weekly-oli: :include:/var/nsa/mail_aliases/weeklyolireports
ship-nsa: :include:/var/nsa/mail_aliases/ship-nsa
test-nsa: :include:/home/hans/tmp/
nsamentors: :include:/var/nsa/mail_aliases/nsamentors

Additional lists and modifications to existing lists as well as write permission to modify certain lists are made based on authorized requests. Changes to lists are noted in the file CHANGELOG that is kept in the same directory (/var/nsa/mail_aliases/). Simply use the editor of your choice to update CHANGELOG.

Time server

nanuna keeps track of time very accurately, and may even be used to synchronize your system's clock:

nanuna is set to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

Internal calendar

Internal calendar

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