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Figure1: Left frame of Barrow quicklooks page

A frequently asked question is how to view and download images from the camera datastreams in the quicklooks databases. Both the Atqasuk and the Barrow quicklooks datastream page offer images from Axis webcams with integrated GNU/Linux servers: nsatwrcamC1 and iopcam for Barrow, and nsatwrcamC2 for Atqasuk. For most of the available time of active operation, a picture was or is transmitted and archived every hour. This means, a substantial number of pictures are present in the archive and available for download.

In order to access the camera datastream images, the left (navigation) frame of the respective quicklooks page is used. The Barrow quicklooks navigation frame is depicted in Figure 1, on the left:

  • In the top half of the left frame, check the datastream(s) you wish to view. In this case, check either "nsatwrcamC1" or "iopcam", or both.
  • In the bottom half of the left frame, select a start date and an end date for your search. Check "Display Thumbnails" for quick previews, and enter an number of lines (images) displayed per page (50-100 is a good number)
  • Click on "Sear the DB"

You will then receive the first page of the search results. Click on the thumbnail image to obtain the full-sized image with further image information (704×480px or similar). You can download individual images by right-clicking on the image and selecting "Save image" (or the equivalent in your browser).

There is currently no interface that allows bulk download of multiple images. Please contact the UAF NSA Support Team, who will be able to supply you with a zipped archive if you specify the date range and datastream name.

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