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The Quick-Looks database contains near real-time data visualizations that are produced automatically and stored on nanuna. The Quick-Looks are useful for getting an overview or "quick look" of the data that is being collected, but due to its near real-time nature the data is unofficial and of unknown quality.

Once data is released one can obtain the official full data-set from any instrument available, and along with that, a statement about the data quality from the ARM archive.

As of April 18, 2012 the Quick-Looks database contained 827,937 entries.



The Barrows Quick-Looks database contains entries from 2/15/1998 - present time.

Barrow Quick-Looks


The Atqasuk Quick-Looks database contains entries from 8/22/1999 - 1/17/2011.

Atqasuk Quick-Looks


The SHEBA ice campaign lasted from 1997-1998.

SHEBA Quick-Looks

How to download site images

Both the Atqasuk and the Barrow datastreams offer images from Axis webcams with integrated GNU/Linux servers: nsatwrcamC1 and iopcam for Barrow, and nsatwrcamC2 for Atqasuk. For most of the available time of active operation, a picture was or is transmitted and archived every hour. The quicklooks page provides an interface to view and download them. Read the detailed description on the Quick-Looks Image Download HOWTO page.

Automated tasks

QC daemon (qcd)

This daemon is responsible for creating the Quick-Looks and fetching images. A log is available here: qcd log

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