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Periodically we travel to the sites for various purposes. This page is intended to be used to keep a visible list of items needing done onsite by UAF people. If a target date is known, please enter it. If the task is finished, please noted the date finished and the status "finished".

Barrow (NSA) To-Dos

Target Date / Status Task Description Details
Summer, 2015 / Pending Upgrade firmware in Q6035-E webcam The Barrow Q6035-E is not displaying the PTZ controls. The same camera at Oliktok is. Axis believes the configuration files are corrupted and the best way to fix this is to install the latest firmware for the camera, forcing a rewrite of all the files in the firmware package. A normal firmware upgrade only replaces changed files. Loading firmware with a forced rewrite wipes the IP address and all other configuration customization. Power cycling may be required. Therefore, the firmware will best be upgraded from within the Barrow LAN so as to avoid firewall issues that would block access from outside Barrow. Firmware is available from Here is the specific instructions based on those from Axis:

this will rewrite the whole file system of the camera in case something is corrupted:

Note that this will default your camera including the IP address. The default IP address is

First, you want to download the latest firmware for your camera, located here:

Save this bin file to the root of C:\ and make note of the file name

1. Prior to starting, record the existing configuration. This can be done prior to traveling to the site.

2. Turn off any firewalls or antivirus.

3. Open a command prompt, go to start > all programs > accessories.

4. Type FTP

5. When prompted for the user name, type root, and when prompted for the password, enter the password for root (you will not see any characters inserted when entering the password, but they are being entered)

6. Enter binary mode by typing "bin" and press enter

7. Type "hash" and press enter. (This will allow you to see how the upgrade progresses)

8. Type the command "put c:\<firmware.bin> flash_all" Replace <firmware.bin> with the name of the firmware file you downloaded

9. Wait for the flash load to complete, which may take 1-10 minutes.

10. After the upgrade has completed, the unit will automatically initiate the system.

11. Restore the original configuration and confirm presence of the PTZ controls.

12. If PTZ controls not present, open a case with Axis support.

Summer, 2015 / Pending Install better webcam on 40m tower The 40m tower webcam is low resolution and the case is deteriorating. If moving the existing Q6035-E to the tower, a new mount plate will need fabricated. Martin & Gene took measurements and photos that will aid this.
Summer, 2015 / Pending Inventory for Jane McKiney See her email to McGill on May 26, 2015
Summer, 2015 / Pending Radiometer swaps Annual radiometer swaps to install freshly calibrated radiometers
Summer, 2015 / Pending KAZR Property Tags Jane McKinney sent Martin tags. We need to apply them next time we visit and let Jane know.
Autumn, 2015 / Pending MASC install Martin prefers Barrow for the primary MASC installation. Need to establish a location for the MASC and ensure network and power are ready prior to install.

Oliktok (AMF3) To-Dos

Target Date / Status Task Description Details
Summer, 2015 / Pending MASC Reconditioning The MASC needs shipped to Fairbanks after the 2014-2015 snow season, firmware upgraded, possible window replacement, testing in a radar environment (Murphy Dome?) New firmware which allows remote firmware loads should be tested. This would aid using more or less sensitive firmware as conditions demand. On 6/17, the MASC was deinstalled and prepped for shipping to UAF. CM-2015-AMF3-VSN-1215.
Summer, 2015 / Pending Relocate the webcam. The current webcam is too low to view instruments on the deck. Fred Helsel suggested putting this on a pole mounted on Jim's Jail.
Summer, 2015 / Pending Inventory New instruments are being installed this summer. Inventory should be checked/confirmed.
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